Football Rehab Periodisation:

When an injury occurs it is important to have a structured rehab program that gradually returns the player back to play. In the ideal world the football rehab periodisation runs parallel with the team periodisation. This to ensure a more natural return towards team training. Football and Rehab

Individual Periodisation:

Football is an individual team sport. In other words 11 individuals have to work together as a team.  Yet in regards to workload it is a necessity to individualize work/rest ratio for each player. This individual workload will be placed within the team periodisation. In some cases this means that a player will do less. Structurally or permanently.

Team Periodisation:

As a coach you need a structure to work from. A reference point. This reference is a tool to reach your objective. Mostly this objective is to win as many games as possible. To be able to win as many games as possible you need your best players on the pitch all the time. This increases communication between your players and makes the team more predictable.

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  • Football Rehab periodisation; Working with a structured football rehab progam towards RTP.
  • Individual player periodisation; Implementing individual workload into team plan.
  • Team periodisation; Using universal principles to plan your (pre-)season, considering your external factors, from start to finish.
  • Education at club; What can a club and coach do to keep players on the pitch?