Individual periodisation – part 3

Receiving an invitation to represent your country should be the best thing that can happen in a footballers career. There are however some factors to discuss when looking at the workload per player. Players come from different clubs, from different countries on different continents, where there are different cultures and different training regimes. Most players... Continue Reading →

Individual periodisation – part 2

Football is an individual team sport. In other words, 11 individuals have to learn how to work together as a team. However, these 11 players all have different backgrounds and respond differently to certain training methods Individual Periodisation. A coach should therefore, after he planned the team workload, individualize the workload for each and every... Continue Reading →

The interval principle.

The interval principle in football rehab Football is an interval sport. In football oxygen is used to recover between football actions. This interval principle should therefore be introduced in the rehab process as soon as possible. The interval principle is not often introduced in a rehab process. Not introducing the interval principle in rehab can... Continue Reading →

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