After you decided to contact me we will have our first meeting free of charge. In these 30minutes via Skype we will discuss how and what I can help you with. You must know the why. In this discussion we will take your situation, with all your external factors, as a starting point.

Team Periodisation: When I help you to plan your team periodisation I firstly gather in all relevant information that can influence the plan. Your external factors. When is your first league game? How long is your pre-season? And many more questions a like have to be answered to optimize your plan.

Individual Periodisation: Some players need an individual plan. Players coming from a lower level, with an injury history, older players, new players or younger players. After we have identified the potential players at risk we will plan their weekly workload. I will also plan your sessions in such a way that the session organization doesn´t have to change.

Football Rehab Periodisation: Injuries happen. When an injury occurs it is important to work as football specific as possible, like I explained in my introduction. I will plan your full rehab program from medical treatment in the beginning to return to play at the end of your rehab.