Football Rehab – part 2

To execute a Quality session Football Rehab – part 1  the player needs to be totally fresh both before and during the session. If entering a quality session with fatigue from a previous session, you can´t guarantee that the quality you wish to obtain, will be achieved. Freshness is needed because the player in question, will... Continue Reading →

Football Rehab – part 1

A fully fit player trains volume before intensity. He will first build up his ability to maintain making actions, before he will work towards making more actions per minute by training how to recover quicker between actions. A normal sequence in which to do this is by playing football conditioning games in an 11 v... Continue Reading →

Individual periodisation – part 6

Most coaches will work with youth players at some point in their career. Youth coaches will recognise that there are physical differences between the players in regards to their height. When players are going through their mini growth spurt these differences can be considerable. The first question for the coach is, do you acknowledge the... Continue Reading →

Simplifying a football action

Football is played all over the world and it is conducted in the same way all over the world. It doesn’t matter if we talk about amateur football, women’s football, men’s football, professional football or children’s football. In every game there will be attacking, transitioning and defending, by definition. These team functions are executed by... Continue Reading →

Individual periodisation – part 5

Football is way to complex to divide it into small parts, yet many coaches train tactics, technique, fitness and the mental thing separately. With this they hope that when putting all the pieces of the puzzle back together, the team will perform better in the next game. The question is, does this really work? Of... Continue Reading →

Individual periodisation – part 4

Football is an individual team sport with 11 individuals organised together in order to work as a team. However, these players all have different roles and responsibilities for the team. They all have different genes, come from different backgrounds and therefore react differently to the training load planned by the coaches. Age differences, injury history,... Continue Reading →


Players get tested for about everything and anything at their respective clubs. They get tested several times a year. But for what reason are they getting tested? What are they testing? What are coaches doing with all the data? Will this data be used and converted into actual football exercises? Or is this data only... Continue Reading →

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