Do we really need Football Fitness sessions?

Football is a team sport. The ultimate goal in football is to score one more goal than the opponent. To achieve this coaches often use tactical principles. Within boundaries players execute decisions that relate to these tactical principles trained by the team, to ensure the best possible result. Principles for Attacking, Transitioning and Defending are... Continue Reading →

Pre-season in 2020

22 players looking at a screen waiting for the fitness coach to start the session. This is one of the few possibilities left to keep players fit, as we speak. Leagues cancelled, leagues postponed, no one allowed to leave their house, until further notice, etc, etc. In short, players are not playing football. By not... Continue Reading →

On a personal note…

On a personal note… Football is the most important thing of all unimportant things. In the current situation a lot of people are not allowed to show up at their workplace. Some are able to work from home while others can’t. Everybody finds themselves in an unfamiliar situation. Suddenly we have to improvise to a... Continue Reading →

Run, Forrest, run…

  The game of football is the starting point of what you plan in your training sessions. You will be either working on team communication, game insight, execution of a decision or football fitness. In a normal week on a normal day, this wouldn´t create any problems what so ever. Covid-19 makes it, however, impossible... Continue Reading →

Rehab in chaos

At most courses, speakers, usually from top clubs, present about a certain topic. Often a fitness coach, assistant coach or analyst who shows how they work at their respective clubs. They explain situations from their perspective, with their external factors to whom the listeners cannot relate. People working in pro football try to show the... Continue Reading →

Football rehab – part 5

The game of football is the starting point for football coaches and this should therefore also apply to other coaches involved in their respective sport. The game has to be the starting point. Like mentioned in a previous post we call this a Top-down or bottom-up approach. In the following example we will use the assistant coach... Continue Reading →

Top-down or bottom-up

Before studying physiotherapy I studied sports coaching. My thought process was always the traditional way, which basically meant: Technique, Tactics, Fitness and Mental. Team sports sessions, like football and basketball, were often divided into dribbling through cones and a game at the end. After this the teachers hoped that we were able to dribble better... Continue Reading →

What is injury prevention?

Apples do not collectively define the definition of fruit. Bananas do not collectively define the definition of fruit. The same can be said for grapes, lemons and oranges, amongst others. They are all fruit. This basically means that fruit is the generic name for all different kind’s of the aforementioned fruit. There is a hierarchal... Continue Reading →

Football Rehab – part 4

The game of football is the starting point. This counts for both fit players and players coming back from an injury. When an injury occurs the coach starts to plan a football rehabilitation periodisation. Within this football rehab periodisation the coach plans the expected first game after the injury. This first game is the starting... Continue Reading →

Football Rehab – part 3

After discussing the difference between a Quality and a Quantity session we now have to place the different sessions on a certain day, within the week. As mentioned in the previous earlier there are differences between a quality session and a quantity session. Every movement/action you execute in a rehab session must, at first, be... Continue Reading →

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