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Football is the most important thing of all non-important things. For players the most im- portant thing is to play the game and not to be in the gym doing some sort of rehab, after an unnecessary injury Blog. As we all know we cannot prevent all injuries, but many are preventable.

A common challenge is that players have to endure the same workload as everybody else because football is a team sport. However, players come from different backgrounds and each and everyone of them has their own unique response to training. Football is a team sport, that is correct. Yet, there are 11 individuals that have to learn how to work together as a team Individual Periodisation , Individual periodisation – part 4. Workload, therefore has to be adjusted to each individual player.

Football is an interval sport. Traditionally Football and Rehab is totally separated from the team training. When an injury occurs a The rehab process  will start. Often this process is non-specific up until the moment the player returns to group training. Since football is an interval sport The interval principle.  should therefore be introduced from day 1 in football rehab.

When a player is close to making Game minutes this also is something that has to be in- troduced gradually. Often this is not the case because coaches need results instantly, which often means that players are forced to play earlier then anticipated, with all consequences this may bring.

When the results are not as the board wishes, the media may state; “We have full confidence that coach ‘X’ will turn this bad luck around”. In other words, if you don’t win within the next 3 games you are out. Some coaches will then do extra work, often fitness related A preseason within a season , the forwards will do some extra finishing At the shooting range and the medical staff/sport science department will do extra Testing.

Suddenly things change a lot around the players, with everybody showing signs of stress. The question remaining is do you really think the chance of success increases by doing more?

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