Where to start?


Where to start?

When going on a course you expect to learn something. You expect that the presented will give you that little extra in the future. Most courses do not give you anything new. There are no «secrets» in football. Football still has the same rules and is played the same way all over the world.

Most courses are one-way traffic. Nothing is expected from the participants, besides paying and showing up. No critical questions are asked. Most questions asked are about the what and the how. Hardly ever about the why? And never in relation to a reference. A starting point. In short, there is too much respect for the presented and presenter, mostly because of the club/association a person represents. Are you doing a course because of the presenter or for yourself? Is it not your job to «read» the presented and theorize the information given? Is all information relevant at your club, in your team, for you as a person? Do you need all the information? Are you able to separate the important from the unimportant stuff? Do you ask difficult questions to the presenter so that he also can learn? If not, why not?

Shouldn´t it be a given that you prepare for a course in such a way that you are able to learn better and subsequently more? You are at a course for yourself, not for the others and definitely not for the presenter. The presenter is only the messenger. Of course you will help others with your questioning, but first and foremost you help yourself. A question not being asked, doesn’t exist. Maybe the answers or new questions that arise could be the missing link for you to connect information in your brain. Suddenly everything becomes clearer and you understand the deeper meaning of a subject. It would be even better if you would understand yourself better. Yet this can only happen when you are able to reflect on the information presented and are critical towards yourself.

When entering a classroom fully prepared you will look at the presented differently. When you are expected to listen critically, you will pick up different information and learn more. When asked to reflect on the presented instead of consuming you automatically listen at another level.

Just imagine that you are asked to present at a course and you know that you will face a very tough audience. What do you do? How do you prepare? Why do you do the things you do? Do you have a plan B? Your could feel insecure. This will show one way or another. If other topics on a course are connecting the right information in your brain, so that you understand yourself and the topic better,
would you than voluntarily stand up and present again in front of the same audience at the same course? Yes of course, because now you have learned something.

To be able to understand what is presented you first and foremost have to be able to understand how you function and why. What is presented at a course can be found on the internet. But the way you think and respond to new stimulus is entirely your responsibility and cannot be found on google.

So where do you start? Start with yourself.

Thanks for sharing.

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